Report iPod copying problems

This page allows registered students to report content that will not copy over to an iPod.

In order to report an item that will not copy over to your iPod, all we need is the ‘Link’ to the item we don’t need to know the items name, ‘Section’ or ‘Course’ etc.

Find an items ‘Link’

Finding an items link in iTunesU

As shown in this picture:

  1. Logged in to iTunesU, in the Course with the problematic item, click once on the item to ‘select’ it — it is then lit up with a blue background.
  2. With your mouse pointer over the selected item, ‘alternate’-click, that is, click with the ‘other’ mouse button, not the usual button, and a menu of three options will pop-up.
  3. Move your pointer down to the ‘Copy Link’ option and click on it with your regular mouse button.
  4. Click into the ‘Address of item’ field below and ‘paste’ in the Link — do this by using your mouse’s ‘alternate’–click and selecting ‘Paste’ (or use Ctrl+V or Cmd+V etc if you are familiar with that).
  5. Fill in the other fields.
  6. Submit the form.

When you have submitted an item we will test it to either fix it or contact you to ask the problem you had. To find out when an item has been fixed see FAQ ‘How can I see what course content has changed’. We aim to fix items within one calendar week, or quicker.

Report an item

Report another item.

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