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The best way there is for accessing material for our students and visitors — that was our reason for joining iTunes U.

— Hahnemann College

How do I access Hahnemann College on iTunes Utop↑

On computers such as Mac and PC with the iTunes software installed, clicking either button/link will take you to the Hahnemann College iTunes U site inside the iTunes player (students will be prompted to enter their login details first). If your computer does’t have it yet, you can download the iTunes player here.

TIP: As with most software, make sure you have the latest version of the iTunes player. Re-check this is still the case if you ever have any problems. To check on a Mac, click the Menu item ‘iTunes’, then ’Check for Updates…’, on a Windows PC click the top menu item ‘Help’, then ‘Check for Updates’.

Members of the Public: Hahnemann College is building a growing body of Public iTunes U content, available for all comers. Access the Hahnemann College Public iTunes U pages.

Hahnemann College Students: iTunes U pages providing content carefully designed to support our distance and other learning activites. Student login is here.

When should Hahnemann College students use iTunes Utop↑

Previously course content was stored on our website, it’s new permanent home is the Hahnemann College iTunes U site. So as a student of Hahnemann College, you should use the Hahnemann College iTunes U pages whenever you need to access our content online.

Also see FAQ ‘Can I access my files in iTunes – without using a Web browser’.

Can I access my files in iTunes – without using a Web browsertop↑

Yes, absolutely, as long as you have previously visited iTunes U and downloaded the files; if you have done that, then they are in your iTunes player and you don’t need to use a Web browser (or even be online), just open iTunes.

For further help, also see FAQ ‘How do I play or download content’.

What is ‘iTunes U’top↑

To paraphrase Apple’s own description…

“iTunes U, from Apple, allows colleges and universities to manage, distribute, and control access to educational audio and video content for students within a college or university using Apple's iTunes Store infrastructure”

Here’s some more from Apple on iTunes U.

What’s on iTunes Utop↑

Our iTunes U content will grow to become a mix of audio, video and written content. Audio and video may be used from the iTunes player and iPods.

Accessing written content simply requires your computer have the Adobe PDF reader software installed (this step is usually not necessary for Mac users, PC users, this software can be downloaded at and for you to download the document from iTunes U to your iTunes player.

To learn how to download items, see FAQ ‘How do I play or download content’. Also see FAQ ‘How do I read a document’.

How do I play or download contenttop↑

Once you have logged in to the Hahnemann College iTunes U site (see ‘How do I access Hahnemann College on iTunes U’), in your iTunes player, double-click on an item (in one of the rows listed in a Course) or click the ‘Get’ button next to it.

Double-click: Double-click an item and it will begin playing (as quickly as your Internet connection allows) — this is useful if you are not sure what you want and wish to sample the content. If you do this and then go somewhere else in iTunes U, the item will stop playing because it was coming from the page you were on – the item wasn’t downloaded.

Get: Click the ‘Get’ button if you want to download and keep an item. This means you need to wait for it to download until you can use it, but once you have downloaded it, you can listen to it no matter where you are in the iTunes player, and subsequent uses of this item will start fast as there is no download delay, and you can use those files directly in iTunes, without using a Web browser.

Picture of the iTunes player download textOnce a download has started, under ‘Store’ in the left panel of your iTunes player, you will see the word ‘Downloads’ and a number, indicating how many items are currently downloading. As soon as downloading is complete, this word dissapears, also see ‘Where are my downloads in iTunes’ and ‘Where are my downloads in my computer’.

How do I read a documenttop↑

See ‘Where are my downloads in my computer’.

I double–clicked an item, it played, then it stopped. Whytop↑

See ‘How do I play or download content’ and look for the text ‘…the item will stop playing…’

Where are my downloads in iTunestop↑

Picture of playlists in iTunes playerWhen you download your first item from the Hahnemann College iTunes U site, a new Playlist is automatically created under ‘Playlists’ in the left panel of your iTunes player. This is where iTunes U automatically lists the content you have downloaded. As you download more content, additional playlists may be automatically added here, making it easy to find the content you want. if your iTunes player is the latest version, that would be 9.x or higher as of Oct 2009, your download will be placed in a new, dedicated location in the iTunes ‘Library’ — the following images demonstrate this new location.

iTunes U player version 9 image of new iTunes U location for files

Where are my downloads in my computertop↑

To learn more about the types of content that iTunes U stores, see FAQ: ‘What’s on iTunes U’. When you download content from iTunes U it will be listed in a Hahnemann College playlist, to learn more about playlists see FAQ: ‘Where are my downloads in iTunes’.

To use downloaded audio or video:

  • click the playlist containing the item,
  • in the main pane of the iTunes U player, double–click the item you wish to view or listen to.

To read a downloaded document:

  • click the playlist containing the document,
  • Mac users: in the main pane of the iTunes U player, double–click on the item you wish to read (to open it),
  • PC users: in the main pane of the iTunes U player, single–click on the item you wish to read (to select it),
  • PC users: click ‘File, Show in Windows Explorer’, from the iTunes player menu (top left).
  • PC users: Your computer will open a window showing the PDF document which you can then open with Adobe reader.

It didn’t open very fast / Is it stuck / I just see a barber pole…top↑

Content can be played in one of two ways, one is initially quicker than the other. Read FAQ ‘How do I play or download content’ to learn the differences.

Or if you know all that and just think your iTunes player appears ‘stuck’ — you see the barber pole just spinning across the display at the top, then read ‘Barber pole’ below.

My barber pole is stuck

A persistent barber pole delay sign in the oblong screen at the top of the iTunes player could mean you hit a busy spot of traffic at the iTunes U servers. If you want to ‘try again’ (rather than wait to see if the barber-pole vanishes), just click to the right on the 'X' (which means stop trying) and re-click on the place you were trying to access. This can sometimes speed you past the occasional such delay.

Alternatively or if the above files, although it shouldn’t be necessary, sometimes it is worth simply quitting your iTunes player, logging out at the webpage where you usually login (there’s a button to do this) and then re-logging in, which will re–open your iTunes player.

Once I have logged in, do I need to login againtop↑

iTunes U supports both public and non–public content. You never need to login to access the public content.

If you have logged in to access non–public content you can browse around for as long as you like until you:

  • logout by clicking a ‘Logout’ link,
  • close the iTunes player,
  • stop using the player for more than a certain amount of time, currently this is around 30 minutes.

If you are logged out, in order to return to viewing non–public content, you must log back in in the usual way, see FAQ: ‘How do I access Hahnemann College on iTunes U’. You do not need to login to access content you have already downloaded, this is accessible at any time, see FAQ ‘Where are my downloads in iTunes’.

How do I get back to the main iTunes U pagetop↑

Unless you need to login again (in which case see FAQ: ‘Once I have logged in, do I need to login again’), to return to the main iTunes U page from within a course page, simply click on your login name in the navigation path in the iTunes player. In the example below you would click on the ‘a_student@Hahnemann College’.

Picture of the iTunes breadcrumb navigation

I was logged in, now I only see ‘Public’ contenttop↑

This is happens because your login time has expired. Like a secure website, your login to non–public iTunes U content is designed to stop after a predetermined period of inactivity. See FAQ: ‘Once I have logged in, do I need to login again’ for more.

Is there a ‘Refresh’ buttontop↑

There is no ‘Refresh / Reload’ button in iTunes U. If in the unlikely event of your iTunes player seeming to get stuck, see FAQ: ‘It didn’t open very fast / Is it stuck / I just see a barber pole…’.

How do I get content on my iPodtop↑

To synchronise content onto your iPod, you first have to ensure you have downloaded it to your iTunes player, see FAQ: ‘How do I play or download content’ for help with how to download content.

To synchronise downloaded content onto your iPod, simply select the ‘Hahnemann College’ playlist(s) of your choice in the usual way you synchronise playlists to your iPod. For more on the Hahnemann College playlist see, FAQ: ‘Where are my downloads in iTunes’. For help on synchronising playlists on an iPod, see the documentation that came with your iPod.

Are there files or Courses missing from iTunes Utop↑

It’s possible that when you go to look for a file in a Course, it will be missing. Our apologies if that happens, be sure to let us know — but before you open an email, here are a few things to check:

How do I make a slideshow pause after each pagetop↑

iTunesU makes it very convenient to distribute slideshows as ‘movie’ files but sometimes a slideshow movie will play like a movie (constantly moving forward from page to page and you keep having to click pause).

To get around this:

  • Download the slideshow.
  • Find the file on your computer.
  • Open the file but not by double-clicking it, instead, ‘Control+Click’ the file (in Mac Finder or Windows Explorer) and choose from the pop-up menu to:
    ‘Open with… » ‘QuickTime Player’.
  • Once the QuickTime player window opens with the first page of the slideshow displayed, you should find it does not advance until you click anywhere inside the QuickTime window. Each click will advance one page.

I clicked ‘GET TRACKS’ but not all tracks downloadedtop↑

Each ‘track’ (each audio file, PDF file or movie file is known as a ‘track’) that you can download has a ‘Get’ button, shown to it’s right. These buttons allow you to download individual tracks. If your iTunes player is not showing this button, check the scroll bar along it's bottom edge and scroll it right so you can see the ‘Price’ column (where these buttons are shown).

Alternatively, you can download all tracks listed on the page in one go, with the ‘GET TRACKS’ button, shown toward the top of the page.

As content is often composed from large audio or movie files, occasionally you may find clicking this button begins the download of all tracks, but it does not complete. You can tell if it has not completed by waiting for the download symbol/count to disappear and then checking in your local folder and comparing the track listing there to the one in the course in iTunes U.

If some tracks are missing, you can download the ones that are missing as described at the start of this particular FAQ.

How can I see what course content has changedtop↑

Just use the ‘UPDATES’ Course. We have a page on the ‘UPDATES’ Course and it's RSS feed.

I can't get an item to copy over to my iPodtop↑

Problems downloading items to your iPod? First check in case there is too little space on the iPod — change settings to allow more of what you want added/less other content. If this is not the problem it will be due to one of the following:

  1. A problem with your iPod or computer.
  2. An incorrect setting with your iPod or computer.
  3. An item stored in iTunesU is formatted incorrectly and we need to fix it and re-upload it.

Each of these three is described more fully below.

1. Try re-booting

One initial step many take that sometimes fixes a problem is to re-boot (fully turn off and then turn on) both the computer and iPod. Typically this involves ejecting/disconnecting the iPod from the computer, re-booting the computer, re-booting the iPod, re-connecting the iPod to the computer and attempting the copy again.

2. Try changing to ‘manually manage’

If this fails, it may be that the model of iPod you have requires the ‘Manually manage music and videos’ option to be ticked. Tick this and then attempt the copy again.

manually manage music and videos option in iTunes U

3. If all else fails, report the item as faulty

Finally, if an item still will not copy over, you can report it in case it is misformatted on the main iTunesU system itelf.

How do I read PDFs on my iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, etc)top↑

For the answer to the question “How do I read PDFs on my iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, etc)” see the top video on this page and it’s short description.

I’m still stuck, help!top↑

If you are a student of Hahnemann College and are still stuck on a problem after reviewing all the help information here, don’t hesitate to contact the Registrar of the college.