Help with: ‘the Updates course’

The central list of all changes to student/public content

Previously on iTunes U, content changes were identified through edits made to a Courses Description.

As of 21 Jul 2008 a centralised place has been established to list all updates to student content (and Public content).

iTU updates icon Just look for the course with the ‘Updates’ icon (in the 'Public content' section). This Course contains no content, but instead holds a chronological list of content changes — summarised on the left and associated links on the right.

Students: To use the links on the right of the UPDATES course, you need to login to iTU as usual, enter the UPDATES course and then just click a link to be navigated straight to the item (Note: you need to already be logged in for this to work correctly).

Optional RSS monitoring

RSS feed for content changes.

BETA: An RSS feed for the above ‘UPDATES’ list is now available. The feed should work with all common RSS clients.

Want to know more about RSS, check the BBC’s helpful page.

This service is ‘beta’ while we are testing it, but you are welcome to try using it now.

Operation limitation

The RSS feed, due to the iTunes U login process, cannot be used to link directly to an item, but should work normally for alerting you to new content. Essentially:

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed with your RSS client (the one built into the latest version of the 'Firefox' browser for example).
  2. When an item of interest arrives in your RSS feed, login to iTunes U and navigate to the item of interest (manually, or via the link in the ‘UPDATES’ Course).